our car’s tires/tyres are arguably the most important part of the vehicle. The tires, after all, the vihicle on the road and are what transfer the engine’s energy to the pavement in a way so that the car can move forward without tire/tyres there is no road traction.
Tires/tyres are able to do this because of traction. Traction is the resistance between the tire/tyre and the ground in reaction to torque being exerted by the wheel axle under engine power. Not all traction needs are created equal. The traction required by the family sedan, for instance, differs markedly from the traction sought by a Formula 1 race car or a Top Fuel Dragster.
The family tire/tyre and other mass produced vehicles have to function safely in a variety of weather conditions. As a result, the tires on these vehicles have grooves, otherwise known as tread also known as the gouged lines that run around the outside circumference of the tire.

In severe weather, lack of traction can either result in the pain in the neck of having your car stuck in a snowdrift or it could result in something as serious as a collision. The critical factor in avoiding either problem is the ability of your tires/tyres to bite through the loose and slippery stuff and claw into something solid.

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