A worker has a right to work in a place where risks to health and safety are controlled properly. Healthy and Safety is implemented so that you are safe at work, and stopping you from getting hurt at work or even getting ill through work. The employer is very responsible for your healthy and safety at work, so you have to be part of that safety team as well.


You must follow all the training as it is given by your employer as you are using any items related to you work area.
Take all the reasonable care of yourself and other people around your as to make it a healthy and safety place.
Work with your employer on healthy and safety related issues.
Let your employer know if you see something that will put you or someone else at serious risk at your work place.


Personal Protective Equipment know as safety clothing is very important for your protection at you at work. Some people ignore the safety PPE of which it is not a good idea for your might end up injured or even worse so please make show you ware the correct PPE, for you will be dealing with hot or sharp exhaust as you willl not want to burn yourself, and other things such as breathing brake dust or working in noisy areas, this can really affect you in the long run so please be very careful.

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